Serious about the skin microbiome: Science, regulation and opportunities in 2020

By Kacey Culliney

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CosmeticsDesign Skin Microbiome webinar with L'Oréal, Gallinée, Cosmetics Europe, Lumina Intelligence

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The skin microbiome continues to ignite interest as science fast advances and product innovations hit shelves, but where exactly are the biggest opportunities for industry and what will be the key challenges moving forward?

The global CosmeticsDesign team has brought together five highly esteemed panellists for a free-to-attend online webinar on the Skin Microbiome to discuss all of this, and much more. The 90-minute webinar will happen next Wednesday 16th​ September at 4pm CET / 9am CT​.

Skin microbiome 2020 – in the context of COVID-19

The skin microbiome – the billions of microorganisms in and on the skin – has been the focus of plenty of scientific research over the years. We now know more and more about the types of microorganisms that make up the skin microbiome, and how these can differ according to age and environment; we also have a deeper understanding of the gut-skin axis; and our knowledge on how to influence or manage the skin microbiome is fast advancing.

And all of this has gained fresh importance with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic that has thrust holistic health and wellbeing into the spotlight for consumers and industry, alike. As consumers become increasingly hygiene focused and look at ways to maintain full-body health, skin has become more important.

So, what do market opportunities within the skin microbiome market look like in 2020?

Consumer engagement and scientific advances

We’ll kick things off in the webinar by considering the broader market, consumer, regulatory, product innovation and scientific trends in the 2020 skin microbiome global market and then focus in on the undercurrents and specifics within each of these areas.

Ewa Hudson, director of insights at data and markets specialist Lumina Intelligence​, will present fresh data on the level of consumer interest and engagement in probiotic cosmetics, highlighting the array of product claims being made in the space. Hudson will also highlight the power of social media and e-commerce in this growing market.

This will be set within the important context of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, considering how consumer priorities have changed and shopping habits evolved.

Audrey Gueniche PhD, expert claim activator at L’Oréal Research & Innovation​, will share her 25+ years of knowledge in skin biology, discussing her current role within L’Oréal focused on promoting active ingredients and pushing new claims for topical formulations. We’ll hear from Gueniche about how far she thinks science has come in the skin microbiome space and whether there are any exciting spaces to consider.

This will be discussed with reference to opportunities in supplements and ingestibles targeting beauty from within, versus advances in topical applications.

Product development and regulatory considerations

The panel will also feature Marie Drago, founder of skin microbiome beauty brand Gallinée​, who will share her insights on product development with probiotics, prebiotics and postbiotics and what it’s like as a brand to successfully engage consumers in this space. What sort of consumer trends are driving current interest in the skin microbiome? And have these changed in recent years?

Drago will also share her thoughts on where she believes the biggest opportunities for future development are in this category, considering current scientific and consumer interest.

Gerald Renner, director of technical regulatory affairs at trade association Cosmetics Europe​, will provide an important overview on the global regulatory landscape that the beauty industry must consider when formulating, testing and manufacturing products targeting the skin microbiome. Renner will also discuss the opportunities and challenges current legal frameworks present when considering how to make claims and marketing material for products in the space.

Horizon science and future ideas for industry

Julie O’Sullivan, postdoctoral researcher at APC Microbiome Ireland​ and research partner to Atlantia Food Clinical Trials, will also be on the panel to shed light on her current research focused on mining the skin microbiota for much needed alternatives to antibiotics. O’Sullivan’s work has identified antimicrobial peptides called bacteriocins that exist in the human skin and she now wants to look at how the cosmetics industry might be able to harness such findings.

The panel will be discussing her findings along with what sort of opportunities such science might provide for the cosmetics industry, as well as brainstorming other ideas on how to drive forward this exciting category.

Serious about the Skin Microbiome? Register now for free! 

This event is sure to provide a wide-ranging yet deep look at the skin microbiome for anyone working in or interested in the skin microbiome. Register for free now​ and be sure to log on to ask our expert panel any questions you feel you want answered!

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