Tate & Lyle expand functional ingredient range

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The food and beverage ingredient provider launched a new starch variety poised for ‘clean’ label-seeking consumers in the functional food market.

Tate & Lyle said their goal is to support manufacturers in creating formulations with similar functionality to a modified food starch.

With the global pandemic in mind, the company said by adding Claria Everlast to its existing collection of Claria functional starches, they hope to provide shelf stability and product longevity by helping to preserve food quality, particularly in extreme storage conditions.

The company also hopes to help solve manufacturers’ formulation challenges associated with refrigerated and freeze-thaw stability in categories such as frozen meals, yogurts, gravies and sauces.

With freeze-thaw stability properties, Claria Everlast is an extension of its existing clean label starch line. Following its expansion, the product selection now includes cook-up and instant starches made from both corn and tapioca starch. 

Simplifying labels

The product, like the rest of the Claria range, is non-GMO. Tate & Lyle has focused on optimizing process tolerance, clean taste and neutral color to appeal to consumers looking for clean label starches.

Expanding its range and continuing to pursue the clean label trend, the company’s VP, global lead, texture innovation and commercial development, Werner Barbosa, explained the move is in response to the growing demand for simpler labels. 

Barbosa added that the ingredient name “continues to see evidence of strong growth in demand for cleaner labels.”

By containing properties that enable them to perform comparably to modified starches, the company’s Claria line is geared towards consumers opting for functional food and beverages that reflect consumer calls for ‘cleaner’ product consumption.

Commenting on consumer demands for clean ingredients, Tate & Lyle explained that in today’s market: “One-in-four new products is launched with ‘cleaner-label’ claims.”

Tech meets functionality

The Claria range of functional clean-label starches adopts a proprietary technology, known as Claria technology, to offer sensory attributes including neutral coloration.

Describing its starches as helping consumers to “reformulate without skipping a beat," Tate & Lyle stated that its globally-available clean-label starches improve performance and meet functional requirements that were “previously impossible,” by offering a functional range, including thickening, gelling and film-forming.

With a focus on ingredient innovation, Tate & Lyle sees its Claria range as a way to provide manufacturers with the opportunity to “co-create the next generation of cleaner-label products.”

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