Across the Nutra-verse: Resolving the CBD issue, growing consumer awareness around whey protein in India, and more

By Stephen Daniells

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A lot has happened in the global nutrition industry over the past seven days: Stay on top of things with our weekly round-up of key news from across the nutra-verse.


Bill aims to add CBD to DSHEA’s supplement definitions

A new bill introduced by Rep. Collin Peterson (D-MN) seeks to include CBD under the definition of dietary supplements found in Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA).

Bill HR5587 enjoys support from both sides of the political aisle, with Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY), Rep. James Comer (R-KY) and Rep. Chellie Pingree (D-ME) signing on as cosponsors.

The bill amends DSHEA by creating a specific exemption for hemp-derived CBD in the so-called ‘exclusionary clause’ found in that legislation.  This portion of the law states that if “an article” was investigated as a drug prior to coming to market as a dietary supplement or as part of a food, then a drug it must remain and the other uses are precluded. 

HR5587 seeks to add the phrase ‘“(other than hemp-derived cannabidiol or a hemp-derived cannabidiol containing substance)” after “an article” in this portion of the legislation.

Responses from industry stakeholders varied, with Michael McGuffin, president of the American Herbal Products Association, telling NutraIngredients-USA​: “Is the Peterson bill the best way to resolve the issue?  Of course it’s not. The best way is for the regulatory agency to take full responsibility for regulating and for the legislators to take responsibility for legislation.”​ 

On the other hand, Ivan Wasserman, a partner in the firm Amin Talati Wasserman, said the bill could be a quick and elegant solution to problem. 

“I am encouraged because it would put CBD on the same footing as any other botanical ingredient used in dietary supplements.  It would not impede the other cannabinoids [such as CBG] found in hemp because only CBD has already been studied as a drug,” ​said Wasserman.

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EFSA dismisses concerns around AkzoNobel’s iron particle powder

European Food and Safety Authority (EFSA) has concluded that AkzoNobel’s iron compound for use in supplements and fortifying baby foods poses no danger to consumers. A recently published technical report noted that possible exposure to nanoparticles in the product was ‘unlikely’, and that Ferrazone XF is readily soluble, removing concerns over the presence of insoluble/persistent particles.

Ferrazone – Ferric Sodium EDTA – is used to fortify foods that are stored in dry form such as powdered beverages, candy bars and flour. EFSA authorized ferric sodium EDTA as a Novel Food in June 2018.

Ferrazone XF is judged to be of a finer consistency, produced by adding an extra grinding step to the manufacturing process.

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Sales of India’s MuscleBlaze jump by 25%

Protein supplements © Getty Images designer491
© Getty Images / designer491

Riding a wave of growing consumer awareness around whey protein in India, sports nutrition brand MuscleBlaze, has reported increases in annual sales of nearly 25%.

This growth was largely driven by its Biozyme Whey Protein, Super Gainer XXL, and BCAA Pro products.

MuscleBlaze, which is owned by Bright Lifecare, is benefitting from India’s younger consumers adopting fitness as a lifestyle, as well as a growing awareness and acceptability of protein supplements amongst consumers.

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