Dietary supplements

L-theanine is an amino acid found in tea leaves.   Image © Getty Images / Irina Vodneva

Taiyo study supports L-Theanine for cognitive benefits

By Stephen Daniells

Supplements containing L-theanine from tea my boost measures of cognitive function such as verbal fluency and executive function, compared to placebo in healthy adults, suggests a new study from Taiyo.


Bill Gates: ‘Probiotics key to solving malnutrition’

By Will Chu

Probiotics could be key in addressing malnutrition, according to Bill Gates, who calls the nutritional imbalances affecting around 200 million children under five ‘the greatest health inequity in the world.’

© Getty Images / Pat_Hastings

Affordability is Key in Vitamins and Dietary Supplements Market

By Natasha Spencer

While healthy lifestyles, disease prevention and demographics all influence the vitamin and dietary supplement (VDS) segments in Latin America, adhering to price sensitivities proves a fundamental part of growth. We take a look at the region with Olivia...