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L-theanine is an amino acid found in tea leaves.   Image © Getty Images / Irina Vodneva

Taiyo study supports L-Theanine for cognitive benefits

By Stephen Daniells

Supplements containing L-theanine from tea my boost measures of cognitive function such as verbal fluency and executive function, compared to placebo in healthy adults, suggests a new study from Taiyo.

© Getty Images / GeorgeRudy

Insights from Lumina Intelligence

Sports Nutrition – key trends for 2020

By Shane Starling

The mainstreaming of sports nutrition backed by the ever-rising importance of online reviews and ratings and social media validation, are key findings from a 6-pack of sports nutrition sub-sector reports published by Lumina Intelligence.

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Active Pharmaceutica and BioActor enter into exclusive partnership

By Natasha Spencer

Brazilian pharmaceutical distributor, Active Pharmaceutica, and product development supplier, BioActor, team up to promote and distribute Bioactor’s proprietary sports performance ingredient in Brazil. We spoke to BioActor’s CEO, Hans van der Saag to...


Bill Gates: ‘Probiotics key to solving malnutrition’

By Will Chu

Probiotics could be key in addressing malnutrition, according to Bill Gates, who calls the nutritional imbalances affecting around 200 million children under five ‘the greatest health inequity in the world.’

David Malpass, President of the World Bank Group, speaks at the high-level meeting on Universal Health Coverage. The theme of the meeting was

UN makes landmark decision to achieve universal health goals

By Natasha Spencer

As world leaders adopt a high-level United Nations (UN) Political Declaration on universal health coverage (UHC) — the most exhaustive body of health commitments ever implemented at this level — we ask Agnes Soucat, a Director in the UHC and LifeCourse...