NAI partners with Barentz to distribute CarnoSyn in Brazil

© HadelProductions / Getty Images
© HadelProductions / Getty Images

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Natural Alternatives International, Inc. recently announced it has named Barentz as the exclusive distributor of its CarnoSyn beta-alanine for the Brazilian dietary supplements market.

“This new partnership illustrates our confidence in the Brazilian market and Barentz, [which] will provide an opportunity for more companies and brands to have access to CarnoSyn, the safest and most studied beta-alanine available in the world,” shared Aaron Starr, vice president at CarnoSyn Brands.

“We are confident that their experience and expertise will help grow and promote CarnoSyn Brands in this region. Barentz has worked tirelessly to establish awareness for sports nutrition brands and life science ingredients in Brazil and South America for decades, with a proven track record of success. We look forward to a mutually beneficial business relationship.”


2015 position paper by ISSN​ stated that in the opinion of the expert panel beta-alanine supplementation in sufficient dosages and over a sufficient period of time (4 to 6 grams a day and 4 weeks) can boost intramuscular carnosine concentrations and performance, especially for short, burst-type actions of four minutes or less.  The ingredient may also benefit older consumers by attenuating neuromuscular fatigue.

The new distribution deal with Barentz will allow Brazil-based brands to formulate with CarnoSyn beta-alanine.

Moses Benzaquen, president director of Barentz in Brazil, said: “As leaders in the distribution market, we consistently pursue the finest global options, and CarnoSyn distinguishes itself with proprietary clinical studies, ensuring both efficacy and quality.

“With the sports nutrition market booming in Brazil, beta-alanine not only addresses athletes' needs but also resonates with consumers pursuing healthier lifestyles. We are confident in the success of our partnership with CarnoSyn Brands.”

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