What amounts to a novel nutritious ingredient in Brazil?

By Natasha Spencer

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© Getty Images / MiroNovak

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What’s the appeal of novel ingredients in preventative health, functional and sports nutrition products among Brazilian consumer? NutraIngredients-LATAM spoke with Jaume Reguant, Healthcare Director at Bioiberica to find out.

In January 2020, the Brazilian Ministry of Health’s Regulatory Agency (ANVISA) provided marketing authorization for Bioberica’s food ingredient, Mobilee. A novel ingredient found in Brazil, Mobilee is a patented ingredient that is derived from rooster comb and contains hyaluronic acid, collagen and polysaccharides.

Novel ingredients

A core influence leading consumer appeal in Brazil for novel ingredients is “a global trend where consumers of all ages are increasingly looking for natural products with proven efficacy, safety, and convenient dosage,” ​said Reguant. At an “intake that allows them to maintain an active, healthy lifestyle for longer,” ​he added.

As consumers awareness of the impact of age on soft tissues and their joints builds, they are seeking ways to “improve mobility via solutions that simultaneously support joint, bone and muscle health”,​ added Reguant.

Preventative joint health innovation

Commenting on what the preventative health market looks like in Brazil, Jaume Reguant, Healthcare Director at Bioiberica, explained that “the preventative market for joint health in Brazil has recently experienced a huge growth”​.

For more than a decade, Brazilian pharmaceutical substances, glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate were market leaders, Regaunt stated. “However, following innovation and research in the joint health arena, ingredients such as collagen are now gaining rapid market share as a result of rising consumer awareness, driving significant growth in the category,”​ Reguant added.

Joint health is one of the “leading categories for dietary supplements and will continue to grow as the population ages and increases the amount of physical activity in daily life”​. Several studies “demonstrate that sporty people, the 40+ population and women experiencing menopause commonly suffer from joint discomfort or mobility issues​”, Reguant highlighted.

Scientific support in sport

On its appeal to the sports nutrition sphere through its muscular functioning properties, Mobilee has “scientifically proven to support muscle strength of the knee, especially in men with joint discomfort”,​ Reguant outlined.

When it comes to Brazilian sports nutrition consumers seeking ingredients, “we understand that the only way to satisfy the sports nutrition consumers’ needs is through robust scientific development”.

“Only the nutrients and supplements developed using the highest scientific standards will beable to succeed and support the training and performance of sportspeople,”​ Reguant added.

Ingredient functionality and novelty

NutraIngredients-LATAM recently reported that ANVISA has given the go-ahead for the marketing and sales of Mobilee​ as an ingredient for food supplements and functional foods by the main healthcare authorities around the world.

Contributing to maintaining joint health and muscular function, both the ingredient’s nutritional characteristics and safety have been tested in a total of six preclinical studies and five randomized clinical studies over the past twelve years.

Emphasizing the importance of the Brazilian marketplace for promoting the joint and muscular functional properties of Mobilee, Bioiberica will continue to work with its strategic Brazilian partner, Ayalla, to appeal to consumers looking for nutrition products that support the maintenance of healthy joints.

“The launch of Mobilee in Brazil presents a new alternative to the nutraceutical and food industry, providing an innovative solution that can be used for the developmentof new supplements and the fortification of food and beverages for the maintenanceof joint health,” ​Reguant explained.

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