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Botanical yields fall as climate change affects harvests

By Stephen Daniells

Extreme weather events from heat waves and droughts to ‘hundred-year storms’ happening every two years, the impact of climate change is obvious. And few industries are witnessing the impact as much as botanical supply chain.

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Botanical sourcing and sustainability priorities for 2021

By By Michael McGuffin, President, American Herbal Products Association (AHPA)

Each New Year presents an opportunity to take stock of where we are and to reevaluate our priorities for the near- and long-term future. We each make our resolutions and then motivate ourselves to meet our goals, whether modest or lofty. With 2021 upon...

The fate of a plant community on a remote Andean ridge top is a cautionary tale for the future of botanical ingredients supply, and the future of the planet as a whole. ©Getty Images - RPB Media

From the editor's desk

Centinela: Remember the name

By Hank Schultz

People who would like to put a damper on apocalyptic projections of the effects of climate change and habitat destruction like to focus on the fact that we’ll get through this, that life will find a way. There’s no doubting this (the world is not about...

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Mid-Decade of Action Review

Are we on target to reach 2030 Sustainable Development Goals in nutrition?

By Natasha Spencer

As the globe strives to reach the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development goals (SDGs) by 2030 and we enter the second half of the Decade of Action, we spoke to Lina Mahy, Technical Officer, Department of Nutrition and Food Safety at World Health Organization...

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What's on the agenda for Sustainable Food and Nutrition in 2020?

By Natasha Spencer

As we move into a new decade, the environment and the food economy are at the top of the agenda for brands and consumers. We take a look at the key insights from the recent Latin American summit on sustainable food issues with founder and president of...

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Sustainability, storytelling, sport and sugar-free lead trends in 2020

By Natasha Spencer

Julian Mellentin, food and beverage consultant at New Nutrition Business takes us through the emerging and developing trends impacting nutrition in the LATAM region today, and most importantly, what producers and marketeers need to consider moving into...