Prebiotic demand: Beneo invests in capacity expansion for chicory inulin production in Chile

By Stephen Daniells

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Image courtesy of Beneo
Image courtesy of Beneo

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Prebiotic ingredient powerhouse Beneo is committing over €50 million to expand its production facility in Pemuco, Chile as demand continues to grow for the company’s chicory root fibers, inulin and oligofructose.

“The market demand for chicory root fiber continues to increase. In order to keep up with this rising interest, we are investing significantly into expanding our production facilities in Pemuco, Chile. With 20% more volume, Beneo can continue to ensure reliable and consistent delivery to our customers,” ​said Eric Neven, Commercial Managing Director at BENEO-Orafti.

The company added that, in addition to expanding production capacity at the Chilean plant, raw material sourcing will be supported by additional surface (hectares) dedicated to chicory farming in the region.

The existing plant already operates using 75% renewable energy, said Beneo in a release. “The recent investment will enable Beneo to make yet further strides against its aim to increase the use of renewable energy over the coming years,”​ added the company.

Prebiotics are defined as: “A substrate that is selectively utilized by host microorganisms conferring a health benefit”​ (Gibson et al. 2017, Nature Reviews Gastroenterology & Hepatology​)

Among all the prebiotics, the most data exists for inulin and oligofructose have been scientifically shown to support a range of functional health benefits, from digestive health (improving the composition of the gut microbiota) and boosting satiety to bone health (for example, mineral bioavailability).

Beneo states that its prebiotic chicory root fibers are derived from chicory roots via a gentle hot water extraction method and are natural, clean label and non-GMO. They are highly soluble and have a mild natural taste, allowing manufacturers to reformulate their products while keeping the same taste, body and mouthfeel as the original options.

The significant production expansion in Chile “will ensure Beneo is well-placed to maintain efficient delivery of its high quality ingredients throughout the years to come”​ added the company.

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