Innophos launches botanical extract in sports nutrition space

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Essential ingredients producer Innophos Holdings launches Oxyjun, an Indian tree bark extract marketed to the active nutrition and sports performance market.

Extracts from the Indian tree Terminalia arjuna​ have been used in India for centuries to support cardiovascular health, but the ingredient hasn’t been thoroughly studied in the United States.

The launch marks Innophos’ latest addition to its targeted active nutrition and sports performance essential ingredients range.

Position in the market

Based in the US, with a presence in Mexico, Innophos’ Oxyjun Terminalia arjuna aqueous ingredient is hailed as a clinically studied botanical extract that has been demonstrated to help support heart health as well as enhance endurance and sports performance in young, healthy adults who exercise. 

Active and sports nutrition

By adding the Oxyjun arjuna extract to the health, nutrition, food and beverage company’s specialty ingredients portfolio, Innophos aims to directly appeal to active consumers looking for innovative sports nutrition products.

Through conducting research, Innophos has found aqueous extracts of the tree bark help increase the ability of the heart muscle to beat harder and more effectively, otherwise known as myocardial contractility. Supporting the heart muscle in this way can result in a greater volume of blood flow through the heart, Innophos revealed.

Formulation specifics

The newly-developed Oxyjun arjuna extract is a matrix of bioactive substances including polyphenols and glycosides. Oxyjun is a water-soluble ingredient. The botanical extract is produced by adopting a proprietary manufacturing process using a water-based extraction method.

Suitable for vegetarian and vegan consumers, the botanical ingredient is also stimulant-free and suitable for a wide range of applications, including capsules, tablets, gummies and liquid applications.

“Oxyjun complements our sports performance solutions and brings important cardio and endurance benefits to young, healthy exercising adults,” revealed Dr. Bruce Abedon, Lead Scientist in Innophos’s botanical ingredient solutions group.

Lifestyle and result-based nutrition

Sharing market insights on what sports nutrition consumers seek from products, Dr. Abedon added: “Active consumers are seeking high value, clean label products to support their healthy lifestyles and achieve peak results.”

With a focus on health and nutrition, Innophos concentrates on delivering active nutrition, dietary supplements, pharma/nutrition excipients and specialty ingredients.

Centering innovation on the active nutrition field, Innophos stated that its ingredients are clinically backed to increase protein absorption, improve sports performance and optimize body composition. The company’s core ingredient development goals are to increase performance and decrease recovery time. 

For consumers that live an active lifestyle or engage in professional activity, Innophos emphasizes the importance of sports nutrition to support the benefits and performance impact of exercise and training. 

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